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CLIENT: Airgas
SOLUTION: Microsite Dedicated to Individual Customer

Airgas is one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding and safety products. Known locally nationwide, our distribution network serves more than one million customers of all sizes with a broad offering of top-quality products and unmatched expertise.

When the need to manage the employee purchasing program for a large energy company, Airgas turned to the B2B Program Manager. While Airgas maintains a vast IT structure to manage billions of transactions for products and services, the specific requirements for this initiative made sense run a dedicated microsite solution. An energy company required employees receive an annual spending allowance. The company needed an easy way for supervisors to track this allowance, update employee participation and run reports on the activity.

For the past 6 years, employees at SM Energy have been able to order exactly the right apparel and uniform related items they require for their job from a secure, online website provided by Airgas using the B2B Program Manager.

Each employee is provided with a login and password to the website to make their purchases. There are no self-registration options, which creates a secure environment where are active shoppers are controlled by management. Further, employee shoppers are not allowed to set their own shipping locations; all orders must be sent directly to SM Energy where delivery is tracked.

If an employee needs additional funds to make a purchase beyond their annual allowance, a supervisor can add a credit to their balance. Conversely, if an employee is no longer with the company the account can be suspended.

SM Energy and Airgas are able to run reports and monitor purchasing activity and allowances.


CLIENT: HPI Direct - A Division of Superior Uniform Group
SOLUTION: Dedicated Client eCommerce Stores

HPI presents themselves as more than just a uniform supplier. They offer creativity and innovation that sets them apart from the competition. Since 1993, they built a reputation for quality and responsiveness - not just for products, but for the entire management system. They seek continuous improvement in their products, service, technology. The company manages uniform programs for some of North America's best known brands, such as Walgreens, Amtrak, Jet Blue, IHOP, Red Lobster and many more.

Jet Blue Airlines came forward with a list of business rules for how their employees needed to be treated online. These requirements were dramatically different than how the ordering is handled for the employee shoppers at Enterprise Holdings, the national chain of car rental firms. And those are just two examples of the dozens of unique requirements HPI faced.

HPI Direct required a platform that offered the flexibility to develop unique online eCommerce stores for each account they manage. These buyer centric websites assist a diverse range of employees in ordering exactly the right uniform every time. These online stores manage hundreds of thousands of shoppers from airlines, national retailers and restaurant chains. A platform that forced HPI customers to follow a specific purchasing pattern was not in keeping with the elastic management options on which the company built their reputation.

The business rules associated with each organization is best served by adjusting dedicated account websites to match purchasing requirements, and that is what HPI achieves using the B2B Program Manager. HPI Direct uses the power of groups to organize employee shoppers into sets that match the organizational structure of each of their end-user accounts.

Management at each level can see a macro view where required, but each employee shopper sees only what they need to see for their specific job function. A bus driver at Alamo sees only the items they are allowed to purchase, and a pharmacist at Walgreens can only select from the lab coats they are required to wear. Supervisors at each end-user account can also be setup to place orders on behalf of any employees that cannot (or will not) place orders for themselves online. The quotas and allowance accounts for these employees are all still accurately tracked.

With tens of thousands of transactions flowing through the websites each month, the B2B Program Manager needed to tightly integrate with HPI systems. Warehouse inventory positions are displayed in real time to those accounts requiring immediate information. Order information flows freely between systems, and shipping notifications are all routed back to the right shopper accounts.

HPI Direct has successfully serve their B2B programs on the platform for 8 years, and continues to launch new buyer centric websites with unique business requirements.