Key Benefits

b2b group purchasing software

Organized Group Purchasing

A Sensible Approach to Accounts

The best way for B2B sellers to keep accounts straight is by organizing them using the universal concept of groups. Groups of buyers see groups of products. A sensible approach and the rules start off that simple.

Group Organization for B2B Purchasing
and B2B eCommerce Websites

  • online B2B purchasing


    Group purchasers to whom other
    rules can be attached

  • B2B websites


    Group products to be
    associated with buyer groups

  • B2B online website software


    Group shipping options
    that match buyers' requirements

  • B2B ecommerce website development


    Group payment methods
    that follow cascading rules

B2B Program Manager Provides This Granularity

These groups of buyers are composed of sets, and each set can have different rules for how they pay for their products. Groups of products are then made up of product sets, which can have a variety of behaviors attached to them, such as quotas and allowances.

b2b purchasing software

Buyer Centric Ordering

A Fresh B2B Purchasing Experience

Individuals purchase from you. They may be ordering on behalf of a company or government agency, but they are still individuals. They interact with your organization through screens and shopping carts, so it is vital these functions be the best digital representation of what it means to do business with you.

Golden Rules for a buyer centric interaction

No-hassle experience
Time efficient
Easy, accurate ordering

B2B Program Manager Creates This Experience

Build B2B websites that are fast, responsive and easy to navigate. The product information is organized so the purchaser sees exactly what they need to see. By creating a precise view for your B2B shoppers they place orders with confidence.

b2b purchasing software

Ledger Based Tracking

A Transparent Way to Report Payments

Purchasers are delighted when their accounts match their required, and preferred payment methods. Arranging a single ledger based on purchase orders, credit cards, allowances, quotas, points, or payroll deduction gets them started. Offering multiple ledger options and cascading trigger events for purchasing rules brings a higher degree of user friendliness and transactional insight.

Create combinations that directly reflect your customer's paradigm:

  • Pay using your corporate credit card or a purchase order number

    Pay from your allowance balance (credit account) and use a personal credit card when that runs out

    Order with no payment based on a quota tied to specific quantities of products

    Order using points and automatically request supervisor approval to go over the limit

B2B Program Manager Offers This Visibility

Set up management access everywhere to see reports on all activity. The platform provides an intimate level of account management. Stakeholders have clarity on everyone in the purchasing cycle ­- individuals, groups and accounts.

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