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Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment Retailers, Distributors & Manufacturers

DME companies face unique challenges doing business online. There is a large amount of data reflected in thousands of products. The catalogs and information are handled differently for specific accounts and contract programs dependent on each end-user account. Accommodating the purchasing rules associated with thousands of purchasing agents who need to order equipment and supplies throughout the year. The B2B Program Manager can help.

Who sells medical equipment that uses B2B Program Manager?

  • DME retailers, dealers and distributors

    Home Medical Equipment Suppliers

    Medical Equipment Repair Companies

    Medical Equipment Rental Companies

What types of end-users do DME companies setup on B2B Program Manager?

  • Assisted Living Companies


    College & Universities

    Dental Offices

    Dental Schools


    First Responders (EMS/EMT)

    Government Agencies

    Government Purchasers

    Healthcare Networks

  • Home Care Providers


    Insurance Companies


    Nursing Homes

    Nursing Schools

    Public Safety Agencies (Police/Fire)

    Rehabilitation Centers

    Surgical Centers

    And many more

What are the benefits?

  • Programs with tracked purchasing agent ordering

    Product views by types, functions, departments, etc.

    Purchasing allowances, purchase orders, credit cards, etc.

    Connect to your financial and fulfillment systems

    And that's just a teaser. Curious?

Ready to get started?

  • We consult with you on how to setup program

    We will assist you at every step

    Train you in how to use the platform

    Explain how to add products, adjust prices, etc.

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