we help uniform distributors manage employee apparel program efficiently for their corporate customers.

our case studies are extremely strong! we have proved to our customers that we can reduce the technology costs by 100% and increasing the b2b uniform sales by 20% in less than a year.

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analysis on uniform buying behavior

"When employees use a uniform purchasing platform instead of the traditional way of buying uniforms, an average spend on uniforms per employee per year increases by $200". - Uniform Market We analyzed the uniform buying behaviors of over 2 million employees from customers serving uniforms in public safety, Industrial/FR, Scrubs and Corporate Wear Verticals. We looked at key data points centric to employee behaviors like total number of employee logins per year, frequency of logins, order conversions, use of personal credit cards for additional purchases..etc.

Outcome: The average spend on uniforms per employee, per year increased by $200 when the uniform buying experience was made seamless by using employee uniform stores.

400+ companies trust our platform to manage uniform programs.

120+ Uniform distributors as clients [and counting..]

case studies

  • Unisync Group Limited Serving uniforms to Air Canada, JetBlue, Rexall Pharmacy and more Over 70,000 employees combined.

    about: Canadian based Unisync™ Group is a leading customer-­focused provider of corporate apparel, serving a list of leading Canadian iconic brands such as Air Canada, TELUS, G4S, Shoppers Drug Mart, Federated Co-op, Home Hardware and Purolator. need: We provide them the platform to efficiently run and manage corporate uniform programs for employees in various verticals in airlines, transportation, courier, pharmaceuticals, procurement & distribution, air ambulance and hospitality space. The End2End features include department based uniform allotments and employee quotas & allowances with automated renewals. We have also integrated the uniform ordering portal to thier ERP system for seamless connectivity. solution: "Before engaging with UniformMarket, we were using internal systems and third-party web development agencies to manage our tech platform for uniform programs. We were running into numerous challenges and limitations with that platform and were not able to fulfill the needs of our airline customers" "We started working with UniformMarket and the challenges we had were solved right out-of-the-box with their platform. The results were great: We are now able to easily manage uniform programs to over 75,000 employees using private stores to each customer." aircanada Private landing page for Purolator. Powered by UniformMarket platform.
    • location Mississauga, ON
    A leading corporate wear Distributor
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  • Big Challenge: Running corporate purchasing programs to over 33 customers, 5000 employees combined.

    about: A Leading FR & Safety distributor of the best brands of protective and High Visibility clothing. They also provide protective FRC workwear for the following industries: Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Electrical Maintenance, Chemical Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Refineries and Drilling, Rail, General Uniforms & Workwear. solution: We enabled them to launch private employee stores for their corporate clients to run uniform purchasing programs. We configured the platform to suite their unique needs in employee allowance, and supervisor ordering. result: Employees can easily order the uniforms they are allowed to buy within their quota, which repeats business and increases revenue from their corporate customers.
    FR & Safety Distributor
    • location NYC, New York 10018
    FR & Safety Distributor
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  • Serving uniforms to over 20 customers in The Public Safety Space, Customized Employee Uniform stores for each client.

    about: A Tactical distributor serving law enforcement and sporting markets for 55 years. Mid-sized company with an annual revenue of $47M that operates in three countries.

    Big Challenge: Retaining their VIP customers and staying ahead of the competition through product and technology innovations.

    solution: We enabled our customers to launch customized stores for their VIP clients to run employee uniform & gear programs. We equipt them with value-added tools like Vest Manager, to helped them retain and win more VIP customers. result: Result: They are now serving uniforms and gear to over 18 public safety accounts, 10K public safety professionals combined. Achieved ease of ordering uniforms and increased revenue from their VIP Customers by 20% within 1 year.
    A Tactical Distributor
    • location Atlantic Tactical 763 Corporate Circle New Cumberland, PA 17070
    A Tactical Distributor
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Provide Red-Carpet Uniform Buying Experience To Your Customers' Employees Using Private Stores

Employees can order their approved employee uniforms via B2B Program Manager, create customized private stores for each customer and configure them to meet all of your needs.
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Control Your Budget At The Employee Level Using Ledger Tracking

Ledger based tracking allows you to arrange a single ledger based on purchase orders, credit cards, allowances, quota, points, or payroll deduction. Offering multiple ledger options for purchasing rules brings a higher degree of user friendliness and transactional insights.

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Launch and Easily Manage Multiple Employee Uniform Stores Using A Single Platform

B2B is all about customization and personalization. Then why choose a generic ecommerce solution and burn time and effort? Check out our B2B Program Manager to see how easy it is to manage uniform programs for all your customers using employee uniform stores.
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Control The View Of Products At The Employee Level Using Employee-Product Associations

For example: In major hotel chains, employees at a front desk should be able purchase only their own uniforms, but not the apparel specific to their managers.

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Control The Brand And Color By Department And Location For Consistency

By controlling color and products by department, you will be able to provide consistency to your customers. Employee Groups & Product Groups will allow you to ensure employees purchase the right scrubs by their departments or location
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Increase Your Team's Efficiency Using Realtime Reporting And Analytics On How Your Customer Stores Are Performing.

Analyze the performance of your stores with real-time analytics and reports that reveal customer and product trends. B2B allows you to maximize your marketing and sales efforts through advanced marketing analytics. Put your marketing and sales data in one place, and know the impact on sales revenue, marketing campaigns, ROI and more.

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our team

Ashok Reddy ashok reddy Entrepreneur, Management Executive, Technologist - Harvard Business School CEO, Founder of Sellers Commerce, Industry leading B2C & B2B ecommerce platform to launch your online stores.
Nancy-Cardona Nancy Feys Cardona National Sales Manager 20+ years of experience in Apparel Industry. Prior experience includes working with JWE Designs and Cintas Corporation. Helped hundreds of uniform providers to launch online solutions for their niche needs using Uniform Market platforms.
Vasanth-Subramanyam Vas Subramanyam B2B Ecommerce Specialist VP, Business Development (MBA, Entrepreneurship, Towson University) Over 15+ years of experience in building technology solutions, Online stores & eCommerce platforms.

questions and concerns

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Our experience in helping launch thousands of online stores for uniform businesses makes us the experts in crafting solutions for the uniform and promotional product provider.

Who are you guys, anyway?

UniformMarket grew from Made to Measure magazine, the industry trade journal for 85 years. Since then we’ve partnered with SellersCommerce - experts in eCommerce solutions with a strong team of technology experts whose experience includes working with some of the largest companies in the world such as eBay, PayPal, Amazon and Microsoft.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Given our testimonials left by clients and the number of leading uniform retailers, distributors and manufacturers we currently work with, our track record speaks for itself.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?

It has worked for 120+ uniform providers and some are in fortune 500 companies list as well. No matter what your requirement is, we will be able to provide you the fastest and sustainable solution to run uniform programs.

How do I present this to my team?

As a first step, contact us for a commitment-free demo of our platform. We will evaluate your needs and provide you the best solution based on your requirements. With our expertise and experience in this field, we will guide you throughout the entire process and enable you to manage uniform programs efficiently for your customers.

What are typical contract terms?

Start with risk-free demo. Once you see our platform and understand how it can add value to you and your company, we will provide you a plan and setup the employee stores for your customers. Our contractual terms are flexible as per your needs.

What type of support do you offer?

We make sure your online store is up and running 99.9%. For any technical or application related support, You will be able to reach out to our customer success team located at Evanston, IL.

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

Being the leading ecommerce platform company in the Uniforms Space, several of our customers started to ask for a platform to specifically manage uniform programs. We looked around and found no solution for this specific need, so we implemented one that can help the entire industry.

What's the benefit for employees, corporations and uniform providers?

Being the leading ecommerce platform company in the Uniforms Space, several of our customers started to ask for a platform to specifically manage uniform programs. We looked around and found no solution for this specific need, so we implemented one that can help the entire industry.

What's my ROI?

Based on our research and analyzing the dataset of over 2 Million employees (US & Canada) and their uniform buying behaviors, It is seen that the average spend on uniforms per year per employee increased by at-least $200. Lets say: You are uniforms provider doing direct sale for 1,000 employees, then your net increase in sales will be $200K easily.

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  • review "Thank you for your efforts....we appreciate the frequent updates....you have saved me a lot time!" Fire/EMS Dealer New Jersey
  • review "Whenever I call UniformMarket, I appreciate that I get a real person And they are always helpful. I find the system user friendly and easy to use. I have been able to add products myself and it is not difficult." Industrial Supplier Pennsylvania
  • review "We want to let you know we are very happy in the new and exciting things UniformMarket is bringing to our web site. We appreciate the personal attention you have given us. We know that you have our best interest in mind as your company introduces new solutions to help us sell more online."" Public Safety Uniform Reseller
  • review "Thank you! Your team is great to work with and we are enjoying the experience of getting set up properly on the web" Image Apparel Uniform Dealer
  • review "Thank you – demo went off beautifully – our customer couldn't be more pleased Thanks for the great work you've done so far!" Image Apparel Uniform Manufacturer California
  • review "Nice. I am very pleased with the site." Industrial Laundry Georgia
  • review "Did I mention that we are very pleased with the design work of our site? Well, we much appreciate the fact we were able to send a LONG laundry list of specific design request and your designer did not miss a beat. The attention to detail was great" Scrubs Retailer California