Responsive Buyer Portals (RBP)

Responsive Websites and Buyer Portals For
B2B Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors

Effortlessly manage the unique business rules required for your customer's purchasing agents and employee shoppers.

  • websites for employee purchasing


    Individual buyers, a group of purchasers or
    hundreds of thousands of employee shoppers.

websites for b2b purchasing agents

management tools,

with a contemporary administrative environment. Responsive technology
and elegant designs mean your B2B website visitors have a
sparkling experience on any size screen

Key Benefits

ecommerce b2b websites

Buyer Centric Ordering

By creating individual purchaser product
presentations, you can telescope your
shoppers' experience so they feel
confident and efficient when
placing orders

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b2b shopping cart

Ledger Based Tracking

By establishing groups of ledgers

for each type of purchasing you can

provide both customer facing and

internal reporting that offers
transparency to all stakeholders

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