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    The Context Scrubs & Beyond opened their doors in September of 2000 and immediately incorporated fashion-forward styles, excellent customer service, and opulent stores that exuded style and professionalism. Having realized the typical uniform store was lacking in personal service and overall ambience they decided to raise the bar and change the user shopping experience into an exciting event that would be unlike anything customers had ever experienced before.Inspired by the nurses and doctors they clothe and motivated by an unbreakably strong desire to exceed all expectations, Scrubs & Beyond transforms the typical functional endeavor into a unique and truly unforgettable experience. But despite the hard work and style they injected into their business, there were problems they hadn't quite mastered yet…The Challenge Scrubs & Beyond wanted to streamline and enable work-related clothing purchases across larger hospitals, which often consisted of multiple locations, departments, and dress code colors between the respective departments. No easy task for just one buyer to manage. Likewise, because of how expansive hospitals were in terms of departments and staff, this made it difficult for multiple buyers to manage the purchasing for the entire department across a variety of professions including nurses, doctors, front-office, etc. Lastly, they retained the challenge of handling the manual entry of large orders by keying-in line-by-line whole purchases from clients. As you can imagine, these issues had a negative impact on the company's time and money. Their team would have to handle a heavy workload by themselves. Refunds and returns often would either be mistakenly or purposely made by the shopper out of confusion or from receiving the wrong product. Needless to say, Scrubs & Beyond needed some help. The Solution Enter Uniform Market having worked with Scrubs & Beyond for over four years, Uniform Market was a natural choice to solve for their needs. Once brought on board, Uniform Market developed a customized platform that organized shoppers and products in a manner that allowed Scrubs & Beyond to ensure that everyone who logs in only sees the items they're searching for. UM also developed tagging mechanisms within the platform and shopping cart that allows a buyer to tag certain items to one person while tagging other items to another employee who may or may not be within the same department. UM tied these changes into the backend of their store, so that orders being pushed through the store go into a “post-order" process which delivers the orders directly to the customers' backend and come pre-packaged in a way their platform expects it to."We've been using Uniform Market for a long time," a rep from Scrubs & Beyond said. “I think the ability to have these separate websites for our individual clients is a game changer for us. Being able to personalize websites based on different client needs, many different clients, is really important to us." The Result What UM has done is improved the overall efficiency of their programs as well as enable them to sell their products effectively to larger clients without needing to scale back in manpower as often. "We've come a long way from when the platform was originally introduced. Since we've worked with you guys, we have really tailored the platform to our needs. There are a couple of functionalities that we, not necessarily lost, but have been fixed in a roundabout sort of way. The newer platform has been much more beneficial." aircanada
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