• Serving uniforms to over 20 customers in The Public Safety Space, Customized Employee Uniform stores for each client.

    about: A Tactical distributor serving law enforcement and sporting markets for 55 years. Mid-sized company with an annual revenue of $47M that operates in three countries.

    Big Challenge: Retaining their VIP customers and staying ahead of the competition through product and technology innovations.

    solution: We enabled our customers to launch customized stores for their VIP clients to run employee uniform & gear programs. We equipt them with value-added tools like Vest Manager, to helped them retain and win more VIP customers. result: Result: They are now serving uniforms and gear to over 18 public safety accounts, 10K public safety professionals combined. Achieved ease of ordering uniforms and increased revenue from their VIP Customers by 20% within 1 year.
    A Tactical Distributor
    • location Atlantic Tactical 763 Corporate Circle New Cumberland, PA 17070
    A Tactical Distributor
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