How Does an 11 Year Old Business Get 85 years of Experience?

In 2005, UniformMarket began building online solutions for the uniform, footwear and gear industry. But the reason we're such experts in the field goes much further back. UniformMarket grew from Made to Measure magazine, the industry trade journal for 85 years. The people who publish Made to Measure went on to found UniformMarket and UniformMarket News, the number one source for industry information. No one is better equipped to understand the needs of this industry.

Now we've partnered with Sellers Commerce, experts in eCommerce solutions with a strong team of technology experts whose experience includes working with eBay, PayPal and Microsoft. And while UniformMarket's long history of industry expertise allows us to fully understand the specific needs of manufacturers and retailers, Sellers Commerce brings us the most current technology and up to the minute innovations. Respect for the past. Eyes on the future. That's UniformMarket today.

No one has more knowledge of the Uniform, Footwear and Gear industry than UniformMarket. For 85 years, we have published Made to Measure Magazine, the industry's foremost journal. We began building websites and managing online catalogs for industry leaders more than 11 years ago. And now we're partnered with Sellers Commerce, the experts in eCommerce. Together we are bringing unparalleled expertise and innovation to you everyday.

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